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cheap used cars for sale in staten island
cheap used cars for sale in staten island
cheap used cars for sale in staten island
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Shipping Services

We deliver cars to any location in the USA and YES, we DO EXPORT. will help to deliver your car to any location in the USA or internationally.

We ship cars World Wide

We can transport your car to any port in New York, NJ area where the car is loaded in the standard container
Type Inner dimensions, m Doors dimensions, m Allowable weight, kg Volume,
cub. m
length width height width height consignment packaging amount
20-Ft 5,9 2,35 2,39 2,34 2,28 21720 2280 24000 33,2
40/Ft 12,04 2,35 2,39 2,34 2,28 26650 3830 30480 67,7
40/Ft High Cube 12,03 2,35 2,7 2,34 2,58 26500 3980 30480 76,3
45-Ft High Cube 13,56 2,35 2,7 2,34 2,58 25680 4800 30480 86,0

Container ships cars to all main ports of:

  -  Europe
  -  Asia
  -  Latin America
  -  Africa
  -  Australia

We offer two ways to ship:

-  in containers (2 or 3 cars per container, this shipment is standard for passenger vehicles)

- on special ship decks (RoRo method, for large, full-size vehicles).


Approximate Rates for shipment of a small vehicle from sea ports of New York and New Jersey:
Destination: Delivery Price (Apprx)
Kotka, Finland $1000 (+ 200 euro unload)
Helsinki, Finland $1000 (+ 200 euro unload)
Bramenhamen, Germany $1100
Gdynia, Poland $1000
Moscow, Russia $2000
St. Petersburg, Russia $1700
Novorossiysk, Russia $1250
Odessa, Ukraine $1250
Poti, Georgia $1250
Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan $2600
Yerevan, Armenia $2000

Shown rates are approximate; cost of shipment depends on class of vehicle and destination port and may change according to:

  • sea carrier and transportation agent
  • season
  • other factors

Please, contact us for up-to-date shipment rates. After the car is loaded, it takes 7 - 10 days to pass port customs clearance and complete all paperwork, only then the car is actually shipped. Delivery time usually does not exceed 25-34 days.

You may track the container with your car using the sites below:



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100,000 MILES

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